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Lisa Marie Holmes Paint Collection

The Lisa Marie Holmes Collection features  a palette of 5 zen inducing hues ranging from Goddess Ashwagandha, a root inspired neutral white, to Twilight Geranium, a rich botanical shade of purple. 

Inspired by the  ritual of tea time and the benefits of natural herbs, each shade reflects serenity and relaxation. Muted and soft, the collection reflects  a shared vision for a healthy home. Developed with sustainability and well-bring in mind, Fusion Mineral Paint is environmentally conscious by design. The collection, along with all Fusion paints, is completely  non toxic, lead-free, virtually odourless and contain zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ammonia or formaldehyde. 

Available in two sizes, and five herbal inspired shades
Divine Lavender-Fusion Mineral Paint
Divine Lavender-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Twilight Geranium -Fusion Mineral Paint
Twilight Geranium -Fusion Mineral Paint Sold Out
Enchanted Echinacea -Fusion Mineral Paint
Enchanted Echinacea -Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00