We are now accepting applications for our new store! We are looking for artisans (Shelf space) and Vintage and Antique vendors (booth space). If you are thinking about expanding your business please contact us to see if we will be a good fit for your business. Located at 23 Booth Street in Oro Medonte on Hwy 11 Northbound between 10th and 11th Lines. Email any inquiries to tjstreasurescc@gmail.com

Limited Release Colours

These colours are released 1 time annually

We try and keep enough stock to get through the year but sometimes that isn't possible. Get yours while they are in stock to avoid disappointment. 



Laurentien-Fusion Mineral Paint
Laurentien-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Buttermilk Cream-Fusion Mineral Paint
Buttermilk Cream-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Little Star- Fusion Mineral Paint
Little Star- Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Tuscan Orange-Fusion Mineral Paint
Tuscan Orange-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Little Teapot
Little Teapot from $6.00
Upper Canada Green- Fusion Mineral Paint
Upper Canada Green- Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Park Bench-Fusion Mineral Paint
Park Bench-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Brook-Fusion Mineral Paint
Brook-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
Mustard-Fusion Mineral Paint
Mustard-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00
CUREiousity Pink
CUREiousity Pink $28.00
Coral-Fusion Mineral Paint
Coral-Fusion Mineral Paint from $6.00