The booth is now closed to the public.. For your convenience I am am still shipping, doing local drop offs and offering curb side pick ups in Hawkestone ON. If you want to do a curb side pick up or local drop off please contact me directly.


4" Roller refills pack
4" Roller refills pack Sold Out
4" Roller and Cage
4" Roller and Cage $6.00
Paint Kit
Paint Kit Sold Out
HH Applicator Pads
HH Applicator Pads $10.99
Paint Whisk
Paint Whisk $3.00
Beeswax Food Wraps
Beeswax Food Wraps $17.00
Wooden Round Cutting Board
Wooden Round Cutting Board $39.99
Apron (Fusion and Milk Paint)
Apron (Fusion and Milk Paint) $14.99