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Tall Christmas Tree in Crate Stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

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Tall Christmas Tree in Crate is a vertical Christmas sign stencil that celebrates creative tree decorating!

Designed as a tall evergreen tree, tucked inside a rustic crate tree skirt set on top of a sleigh. The tree is plain so you can decorate the tree with patterns or lights, etc. as desired!

Makes the perfect Christmas decorating sign for a front porch or as wall decor. 

Mix it up!

*Design the crate with Mini Christmas Trees Signs and Christmas Crates (each sold separately).


  • Total stencil image measures 9.8”w x 34”h.

  • Tree with trunk measures 27.75"h.

What you get:

  • Tall Christmas Tree in Crate is a 1-piece stencil.
  • Picture above or labeled with 'actual stencil' is how this stencil comes.
  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

Stencil Features:

  • Our stencils are made from a reusable high quality 10 mil mylar, offering exceptional durability for many years to come.
  • Most stencils come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless!