The booth is back open to the public.. For your convenience I am am still shipping, doing local drop offs and offering curb side pick ups in Hawkestone ON. If you want to do a curb side pick up or local drop off please contact me directly.

Dried Lavender Bundles

These bundles are a shorter height than the previous ones we had in stock. 10"-14"

Grown and cultivated right here in Canada without pesticides or chemicals. Hand cut, bundled and dried.

These bunches were the very last dried bundles they had available so we bought everything they had. They are English and French varieties of dried lavender or mix and match for more selection. When ordering at this time you can't choose which variety you will receive but they will be at the booth for you to choose from.

Dried lavender is amazing for a multitude of crafts, floral arrangements, cosmetics, candle making and more!

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