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Starting New Adventures in Uncertain Times

Starting A New Adventure in Uncertain Times

by Tanya Grenkie | 18 April, 2020 |

As I sit and try and work on this website I am distracted and the tears that I can't seem to keep from falling no matter what I do.  I'm watching and listening to One World as I am sure most of the world is since it's literally everywhere you look tonight. I am very thankful for the doctors and nurses that are trying to keep up with the 1000's of people that are sick. But I am also thankful for the custodial staff that works those same hospitals. To the workers that show up every day so people can get food. To the ones that keep up with our services. From my postal worker to the drivers that allow us to continue to get the things we need. Thank you. Everyone has a part in this. If even your part is just to stay home.