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Milk Paint 101

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Fusion Milk Paint! It's one of my favourite paint products to use. 

Come out to to the workshop and see how versatile this product is.

Fusion 101's Milk Paint class teaches students all about the unique properties of this paint, such as how to mix and prep for painting, basic painting techniques, distressing methods, and how to achieve a "Chippy" finish or a totally smooth finish.  

Every guest will create this cute vintage inspired tote that is perfect for flowers, garden tools or a centerpiece for your table . 

A few facts about Milk Paint-

  • It produces a look and feel like no other paint, from a smooth and refined finish, to a rustic chippy distressed look. 
  • Only real Milk Paint comes in powder giving you this unique look. Watch out for the pre-mixed copy cats on the market that do not yield these same results such as the chippy look.
  • It comes in powder – just mix it with water. Unused powder can be stored indefinitely.
  • It’s your turn to get creative and achieve any look from a stain to a textured finish with one product, you’re in control simply by how much water you add.
  • No brush strokes. Really, none! It mixes to a thin paint, so it self levels flawlessly. 
  • To bring our the true intensity of the color and protect the paint from water marking, add a top coat of your choice. We suggest Wax or Hemp Oil for most projects.  Stain & Finishing Oil or Tough Coat is great for kitchen tables or cabinets for a more resistant finish. 
  • It will never chip or peel when applied to a porous surface such as bare wood or plaster. 
  • Get the unique chippy look only doable with Milk Paint. This will only happen when painting onto a surface with a previous glossy coating or wax. 
  • It can be applied to laminate plastic, metal or glass by adding the Bonding Agent.


Class cost $110.00 for a 3 hour class.

All supplies are included. You will get full instructions on how to use Milk paint, then its hands on to paint some test boards as I will show you some different techniques. After that it's time for you get to painting your tote using your new knowledge. 

Non refundable. You may transfer your cost to another workshop if unable to attend or send someone in your place.